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Just 3 Steps to have live broadcast done for you

  1. Sign Up: Create your first race broadcast, directly from here.
  2. Download Our App: Invite your marshals and fans to use it for videos capturing. Available directly from Apple's Appstore or Android's Play store.
  3. Sit Back and Relax: Let the crowd or your team handle videography, guided by the App. No hassle on race day.
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Boost Your Race experience with our Live Video Broadcast. no costs. No hassle.

Elevate your race with ExperiRace's live video broadcasts. Our platform integrates a Videographer app for real-time streaming from dedicated videographers, volunteers, or smartphone users in the crowd. AI analysis recognizes and tags participants, creating their personal broadcast feed. Offering race organizers opportunities to boost participant engagement, increase revenue, and elevate event exposure.

See an example of a Personal Broadcast, or a post event video.

Some Numbers:

On average, 20% of runners become paying participants, unlocking their videos.

Each paying participant attracts 20 remote viewers.

50% of runners share on social media, generating an average of 200 views per run.

For example, with a race with 1,000 runners you can: earn a few hundred Euros revenue from participants, have 4,000 people watching the event live, and reach 20,000 people through post event video shares on social media.

free to try

Experience our platform risk-free! Simply click the button below, fill in the details, and we'll set it up in our system. No credit card required.

You can broadcast up to 1000 seconds of video for free. For reference: on average, this could be enough credit in order to broadcast a race with 100 runners with 2 cameras.

If you exceed this limit, additional seconds are charged at 3 cents per second. Don't worry, we won't charge you automatically. You'll have the option to purchase extra credit as needed.

Plus, you keep all the revenue you generate from your participants.

how it works

1. Race Setup and Broadcast Link: We will notify you once your race is created in the system and send you your broadcast link.

2. Pre-Race Preparation: You and your staff or volunteers can download our app to their smartphones directly from Apple's Appstore or Android's Play store and take some test shots before the race.

3. Participant Engagement: Share the broadcast link with your participants ahead of the race for live viewing. Additionally, promote our app to people from the crowd to take part in the broadcast videography.

4. Live Broadcast Management: During race day, you can see the live broadcast, monitor where videographers are, and manage the general broadcast with additional content.

5. Revenue generation: You can provide access to all videos in advance or charge participants individually; in that case we also offer the option to use our store for individual purchases with a small transaction fee.