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No, the beauty of Experirace is that there's no need to download or install any app. You will be automatically recognized on video just by running your race. Simply share the broadcast link with your friends, and they can join in with any internet browser.

No, there's no need for them to install the ExperiRace app. We've made it convenient for you and your followers. Each race broadcast has a dedicated website link that you can easily share with them through any communication method you prefer. All they have to do is visit the provided link on race day to stay connected, they can also register to get push notification updates.

The videos will be streamed to our server by people in the crowd, and we're using AI to recognize the runners from there. We rely heavily on the Bib number, so make sure that you run with it so that it is visible, not tucked under your clothes, etc. 

While our technology is designed to work under a variety of conditions, there may be instances where it doesn't perform as expected. In such cases, we'll make every effort to identify you in the videos based on other factors like your clothing and running style. However, we cannot guarantee precise identification without your bib number. For added peace of mind, certain races may offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your coverage. Be sure to check the specific race details for more information.

Once you are a registered runner to our race broadcast, all your content will be available in the same runner broadcast link that you have used during the race. You can share and download the videos from there.