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Experience the thrill of racing like never before with ExperiRace. Connect with your remote friends during the race through our collaborative broadcasting platform, where fans, runners, and videographers all collaborate to create a personal broadcasting experience in real-time

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Live Broadcast

Get a private runner broadcast link dedicated to your race, which you can share with your friends for them to get live video and progress updates of your run. Focus on racing while your friends experience the race with you.

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Post Event Video

After the race you will receive an edited video, combining your video clips, and your results along the track. Best way to remember the race and share the achievement with others. 

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How it works!



before the race


1 Go to our broadcasts list, find the race you will run, and sign up for ExperiRace broadcast for this race 2 We will activate your runner broadcast page, and you can access it through the race broadcast through our website 3 You can share the link to your page with as many friends as you like, and they can also sign up for race update notifications

on race day


1 Videographers from the crowd will be positioned along the race track and on the starting line, just run and get filmed, you don't need to bother with anything 2 They will take videos of runners, our AI will recognize your Bib and your video clips will appear in your runner broadcast page 3 We will also update how you are doing vs your target pace each time you are captured on video

after the race


1 We combine all your videos, splits and results along the track and you will receive an edited post-event video 2 You can access the video on the same runner broadcast page Download, cherish the achievement, and share

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If you're a race organizer looking to provide your participants with an unforgettable experience, let's chat about covering your next race with ExperiRace!

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