Become an Experirace Videographer

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, capturing videos with your phone, and adding value to runners' experiences, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Join us as a videographer and get paid for doing what you love. Fill in the form below and Install our app from Apple's Appstore or Android's Play store

What does a videographer need to do:

Before race day:

  1. Apply using the form link below
  2. Get accepted by the Experirace team. We will contact you via WhatsApp to confirm.
  3. Receive instructions how to install the ExperiRace app.

On race day:

  1. Arrive at the location on race day.
  2. Meet the race admin and receive your ExperiRace T-shirt.
  3. Proceed to your assigned camera location.
  4. Open the app and choose your camera position.
  5. Send a test video before the race starts.

During the race:

  1. Capture 15-second clips of each runner using our app as they pass by (in portrait mode).
  2. Wait until the race is finished.
  3. Meet again at the start point with the ExperiRace admin.
  4. Collect your payment.

Contact form


Contact form