Krisztian Monostori

With 20 years of experience in race running and software, Experirace general manager. 

Omer Sharon

Passionate for the outdoors, and for building products that people love. Experirace chief of product.

Andras Fincza

Building value adding products for over 2 decades, Experirace chief of technology.

Our belief


At the heart of what we do is a deep passion for the great outdoors. We believe that engaging with the world around us and with each other, in person, is essential. We see a world that needs more people who care for it, and who are actively involved in outdoor events, be it sports, art, culture, or just good old-fashioned fun.

But there's a problem. While these events are happening all around us, too many people miss out on the excitement and energy that they bring. Maybe they can't make it in person, or they live too far away. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our new product - a way to bring live event media coverage to anyone, anywhere.

We're creating a new way to experience outdoor events, even if you can't be there in person. Our mission is to bring these peak moments of our society to more people than ever before. We believe that by making these events more accessible, we can create a world where more people care for the outdoors, and where more events will be organized and participated in.

The problem we are solving


The problem we're trying to solve is that, currently, following outdoor events remotely is not ideal, and often impossible. There's simply no good way to be part of the action if you're not there in person.

Your options are limited. You can watch the event on TV, but that's limited to what the network thinks is most important, and you're only seeing what the director wants you to see. Or you can follow the event on social media, but that's usually not live, and you're only seeing what individual users choose to share.

These options don't meet the expectations of today's viewers. We want to be able to watch events live, contribute to the conversation, and have a personal viewing experience. That's why our vision is to create a remote participation experience that solves these challenges and creates the next generation of live event media coverage.

We want to bring more people to outdoor events, even if they can only join remotely. Our solution will be live, collaborative, and personal. And we believe it will bring more people to take part in these events remotely, which in turn increase the value of these events, which will create more of them and more participation.