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Boost Your Race Profits with our Live Video Broadcast. no costs. No hassle.

Elevate your race with ExperiRace's live video broadcasts. Our platform integrates a Videographer app for real-time streaming from dedicated videographers, volunteers, or smartphone users in the crowd. AI analysis recognizes and tags participants, creating their personal broadcast feed. Offering race organizers opportunities to boost participant engagement, increase revenue, and elevate event exposure.

See an example of a Personal Broadcast, or a post event video.

Some Numbers:

On average, 20% of runners become paying participants, unlocking their videos.

You receive revenue kickback from us for every paying participant.

Each paying participant attracts 20 remote viewers.

50% of runners share on social media, generating an average of 200 views per run.

For example, with a race with 1,000 runners you can: earn a few hundred Euros Kick back revenue, have 4,000 people watching the event live, and reach 20,000 people through post event video shares on social media.

How It Works:

ExperiRace reviews your race, and if accepted, the race broadcast is free for you.

You promote the race broadcast link to your participants ahead of the race.

Our team will come onsite, capture videos, and provide (unofficial) free tracking to all your participants based on videos they were recognized in, along with a free live race broadcast for you.

Participants can buy their videos in our online store, pre, during, or post-race.

Paying participants receive a shareable link to their broadcast room, and a post-event video.

We pay you the kick-back revenue.

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