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Enhanced Runner and Fan Experience:

Transform timing data into captivating, personalized race broadcasts that tell each participant's story, enhanced with pace predictions, runner comparisons, notification sign-ups, and additional video-based content. Provide an intuitive web-based tracking interface with integrated media capabilities.

See an example of a Personal Broadcast, or a post event video.

collaborative Video Integration

Everyone on the course can take videos using our app, which are uploaded to our servers in real-time. Our AI recognizes and tags runners, seamlessly adding these videos to each runner's personal broadcast.

We support flexible camera points through our app and can also integrate your fixed camera streams.

Additional and Cost-Effective Timing Points

When using our app, the accurate location and time of each captured runner are identified and sent to your system.

You can add as many additional timing points as you like, using simple smartphones instead of costly and bulky timing mats.

Post-Event Video

Offer runners the chance to relive their race with personalized videos enhanced with timing and pace data, along with dynamic 2D/3D map animations.

This feature presents an attractive upsell opportunity for timers and organizers, allowing them to provide runners with memorable post-event videos for an additional fee.

Fan Engagement

Drive increased impact and exposure for organizers with real-time social posting, fan notifications, and interactive content hubs.

Encourage active participation and foster a vibrant community around your events.

Integrated Ecommerce Store

Maximize revenue opportunities with ExperiRace's integrated store.

Participants or fans can buy directly from the broadcast interface, offering not only broadcast content but also other upsell opportunities you may have.

Effortless Setup

ExperiRace seamlessly integrates with your system, configuring the data stream once.

From there, setting up race broadcasts is quick and easy, supported by seamless integration and user-friendly assistance.

Some Numbers:

On average, 20% of runners become paying participants, unlocking their videos.

Each paying participant attracts 20 remote viewers.

50% of runners share on social media, generating an average of 200 views per run.

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